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Professional test solutions and services provider for smart devices

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Test business

Automatic test solutions covering functional testing, performance testing,

reliability testing, visual measure-ment, wafer testing, touch screen testing and more.


Automatic performance testing

Quantify the response time, fluency and other indicators of the terminal equipment through an automated method to ensure consistency in the operation process.

Smart devices test

Power consumption / Battery life testing

Automatic operation on the smart device with robot to quantify the power consumption / Battery life indicators of the smart device.

Automatic HMI testing

The robotic simulates person’s operation, and works with industrial vision, voice interaction simulation, RF signal simulation, and multi-screen interaction to meet the closed-loop testing of the vehicle infotainment system in a laboratory environment, shorten the testing cycle and improve quality effectively .

User experience test

Based on years of accumulation in the testing field, Dongzhou has launched an overall user experience evaluation system, which includes test latitudes such as performance response time, fluency, recognition rate, power consumption, and heat.

Wafer 2D vision inspection system

DONGZHOU Wafer 2D inspection system can complete the wafer macro inspection and micro inspection, and automatically and safely transfer wafer, which is suitable for wafer inspection from the previous process to the next process.


The system consists of automatic wafer transmission system, wafer macro-inspection system and wafer micro-inspection system.

Automatic wafer loader

Automatic wafer loaderis an effective and safe testsystem for automatically loading wafer into microscope.The system can transfer the wafer to all kinds of microscopes smoothly.

Automotive infotianments test

Smeiconductor test

Beijing Dongzhou Technology is a professional test solution provider for smart devices. Headquarter is located in Beijing, China. We are focusing on providing customers’ the valuable testing solutions and services since Dongzhou’s establishment to help our customers to improve test ca-

pabilities and product quality. 


"Provide customers the valuable testing solutions and services" is the business philosophy that Dongzhou has always adhered to. Be professi-

onal and rigorous is the faith of every Dongzhou’s employers’. We’ll keep the faith to be the leader of the automatic test field.

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Professional test solutions and services provider for smart devices.